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DC Pickleball Club offers adult pickleball programs in Washington, DC which are all organized by skill level. Please choose your skill level by clicking the button below and identify the best match. 

 1. Register for beginner's clinics to learn the game of doubles pickleball.
Skill Level (1.0-2.0)

2. Register for advanced beginner's lessons to develop your doubles skills.
Skill Level (2.5)

3. Register for private individual instruction for consistent, customized coaching.
Skill Level (1.0-2.5)

4. Try out drop-in play to get social with a variety of other pickleball players.
Skill Level (3.0+)

5. Sign up for leagues to regularly play in a more competitive format. 
Skill Level (3.0+)

6. Register for tournaments to test your knowledge, athleticism and skills. 
Skill Level (3.0+)


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